Hey 2014

After nearly four weeks of trip for business and holiday for leisure, the great break finally cools down. This week I’ve been thinking a lot of the year 2013 and belated new year resolution. And today I realised I had a perfect list of things to do for 2013 but I failed on almost all.

So nothing is more important than making it short and just kicking off doing it.

2014 Resolution

  • Move to another city
  • Dining out <= 3/7 (aggressive but still possible, dining out before today or during holiday are not taken into count)
  • Run >= 60KM/month and try half-marathon at least once
  • Take care of my plants
  • Enroll and complete at least 4 courses on Coursera
  • Complete a personal photo project
  • Keep tracking on all of the above goals on a regular basis

In my 2013 resolution, I listed all the places I planned to go for holiday. I did go on trips in Guangzhou, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Japan and UK. However, we must not become hostages to tourism and eye catching holidays. In October, I spend the entire golden week holiday at my cozy apartment. This is the first time since college I was staying home instead of going out for “explore”. Travel is fun and so does travel in books.

Stay curious on what to explore and where I live is going to be my life-long resolution.

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