pretty strong

When people say,
“It can’t be done,”
or “You don’t have what it takes,”
it makes the task all the more interesting.


Cool friends, doing cool stuff.
Illustrations demoi, created with procreate.

Qiaoqiao & Jonas

Jana, skiing in Mayrhofen, Austria

David, SUP at Zaimokuza beach

Sissi at Shibasaki Rock, Silk Pier.

Nana “ナナ” @Rocklands

Chen in a tree

David @Twall Edogawabashi

Andreu cycling his number of 1000 kms in New Zealand

小岩’s selfie in his covid self-quanrantine

Fivestone resting on a cliff

Tangtang @Gozeniwa

Haiyan at Ogawayama

Julie’s figure 4 at Noborock

Bryan leading in CA

Misato at Mizugaki Boulder

Aline at Twall

Sissi at Fish & Bird

61 at Rocklands

Ai at Bpump Tokyo

Yiting at Bpump Tokyo

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