Tommorow is another day

Awake, your sleepy eyes
That rest beneath the clouds
Float away from that restful place
and start the new week around

Life is just a dream for some
their feet don’t touch the ground
Others stove with their mouths agape
listening for stumble

A fairy once came to me
She said ” would you look around,
tell me what you see young man
and I will make it sound”

” I see steel, glass and brick
morta in between. It lines the
walls, the roads and even underground.
A breath of air is all I seek
a sea breeze sent from afar
But from any desk all I see is reflection of the past”

From below this sunken soul
a flame of hope resides
Resting in the after life at the misty shies
the pain of many is stuch between
the stubbedness of all
To let go of
whats dear to them is to live  a life
so bold

The fairy now said to me
” have a look around the reflecting of the
face you see….



  • 好吧…哈哈 一开始用的maxthon然后被鄙视了

    To let go of
    whats dear to them is to live a life


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